5 HOTTEST Marketing Trends in 2023

In this competitive, fast-moving Transformative Age, businesses cannot risk becoming obsolete, especially when it comes to marketing. The future of marketing, as we know it, is shaped by those who can keep up, continue to learn what has changed and use that knowledge to their advantage.

Here at CorpMedia, we know that keeping up with change isn’t always easy — which is why we have rounded up the hottest marketing trends for you this year. Read on below.

1. The digital world of eCommerce

Think 9/9, 10/10, 11/11 sales and many more, what comes to mind? For Asians, they are Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10 and many others. The prevalence of eCommerce apps in recent years has confounded many businesses, prompting them to create seller accounts on these eCommerce platforms, even creating their own apps for customers.

Not only are they more convenient to use, new users get to enjoy promo codes to get discounts off their first purchases. Some offer unique features such as barcode scanning, virtual wardrobe assistants and virtual makeup assistants, to name a few. These mobile apps are designed to function flawlessly with your devices and offer seamless checkout experiences.

2. Personalisation and recommendations

Thanks to current technological techniques and the wide use of social media, personalising products and services to your target audiences is now easier than ever. Brands can market their goods and services more effectively to clients who are more inclined to buy from them by using information about their location, preferences, top searches, or information about their devices.

3. Your artificially intelligent colleague

Nothing is more suited for customer service than artificial technology. Let’s face it, we humans are not built to work around the clock and some of us get bored doing the same thing all over again. Worse still, we have to put up with negative comments on socials.  But not with chatbots!

Most customer service actions are routine and are capable of being replaced by artificial intelligence. From booking flights and answering FAQs to other simple tasks, investing in such technology to take charge of the customer service component of your business is indeed a worthwhile investment.

Just last year, AllDay Supermarket in the Philippines unveiled “Addie the Supermarket Service Robot,” the nation’s first completely automated supermarket grocery assistant and product promoter. Addie patrols the supermarket, keeps an eye out for customers and directs them to the newest products in the store. The robot can even direct shoppers to featured product displays.

By accelerating processes and enhancing the customer experiences, artificial intelligence is anticipated to enhance customer service operations in a big way. This cutting-edge technology piques customers’ curiosity and attention, boosting the success of your marketing initiatives.

4. 8-second videos

One in five marketers intend to use shortform video marketing for the first time this year, according to a Trends Report by HubSpot. More marketers have discovered that shorter clips get to the point and are more effective though lengthier videos have the capacity to hold a lot more information. The popularity of TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Facebook Watch have proven the case. And that’s because short videos have more of a teaser quality to entice viewers’ curiosity and appeal to the present demography of people with shorter attention spans.

According to Statista, the current number of smartphone users in the world today is 6.92 billion, meaning 86.41% of the world’s population owns a smartphone. With such broad access, shooting a quality video is no longer an intimidating feat. This strategy is further simplified by video editing softwares that offer simple-to-use capabilities to give your video the professional flair it needs.

5. Word-of-mouth still matters

Word-of-mouth marketing is still one of the most effective marketing techniques. Because, what better method to acquire a product or service recommendation than from those we know and trust? Many of us would place the greatest trust in our friends, co-workers, and family. This medium is not only free but some may argue that it’s the most efficient. Especially with the widespread use of social media in the past years, there are even more compelling reasons to get on the bandwagon.

Where to begin? Several businesses employ influencers with a large following to try out their products and post reviews on their social media pages. This is further enhanced when the influencers provide readers with a unique promotional code or quote they can use to get discounts on their purchases. Secondly, many companies with their own apps give out “referral” codes for new or existing users to get discounts on their first purchases. When the referral codes are shared amongst friends to create new accounts, both the existing and new users can redeem discounts on their next purchases. Word-of-mouth is so powerful that we believe it to be evergreen.

Do you know of other marketing trends making the list in 2023? Hit the comments section below and share your views!

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