What are You Doing in these Uncertain Times?

Social distancing and working from home are having a huge impact on our lives. Some of us are feeling isolated, others are coping well. Some are pursuing their own passions which they had little time for before COVID-19 hit. Our lives, as we know it, have changed in ways that we never thought possible or ever imagined.

But one thing’s for sure.  All of us thrive on human connection and interaction.  For the sake of our physical and emotional well-being, we need people in our lives.  Being around people keeps us happy and healthy.

In fact, all relationships have an emotional component and this is also true for connections between people and brands. Your business relationships with your customers are based on interactions over time, and cultivated by experiences along the many touchpoints along the way. And it’s important to keep it going.

So, in these trying times, how can brands stay connected with their customers?

Here’s a 5-minute read on ways to reach out to your customers.

  1. Don’t stop communicating: If your company is one that puts out weekly emails or e-newsletters, carry on. Change your focus and step away from promoting or selling your “wares”. Instead, share helpful tips or updates on the pandemic (to ease anxiety and fear), as well as positive stories to brighten up their day. Perhaps you may want to highlight your company’s experience with buying groceries for elderly neighbours or helping out at the soup kitchen. Invite your customers to share their stories on social media and get the conversation going.
  1. Be genuine and authentic: Be mindful and sensitive with your approach, tone and motive when communicating. It’s not always about the bottom-line. Your stories should add value. Inspirational messages and strategies to stay safe will go a long way in assuring your customers that you really care and that you’ll always be there for them, in good times and in bad. After all, we’re all in this together.
  1. Use social media wisely: With remote working, communicating via social media is the order of the day. Don’t use it to increase impressions. Share information that is helpful – for e.g. your insights about a particular topic that’ll make a difference. And, in the process, you’ll continue to build your reputation as a credible resource, and the thought leader that you are.
  1. Serve your community: The recent “clap and salute” initiative to recognize our frontliners, medical and healthcare professionals is a shining example. This is something positive you can do with your customers. You can pool resources and knowledge to help the most vulnerable in the community. There’s a lot more we can do. Many are already coming together to help our migrant workers.

No doubt, we’re overwhelmed by the daily noise, chaos and uncertainty. If it gets a little too much, don’t be afraid to take a step back, take a break, and catch your breath. It’s going to be ok.

If you’ve something positive to add, we invite you to share your thoughts!

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