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Doing it Right: Social Media Management

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In today’s day and age it’s not difficult to find a place for your ads. Your first instinct is to boot up your tablet/pc and blast those ads across Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram. According to Fast Company, 93% of businesses advertise their materials through social media platforms. But that’s only Step 1 in the Ad Game – barely scratching the surface of how much more there is to be done for an ad to be termed a ‘successful’.

What is equally important is how you follow up or more aptly, your ability to manage the social media platforms that you post your ads on. Businesses should look to create interactive ads. It’s always important to stay abreast of the latest trends such as your consumer’s taste and preferences.

How easy is it to keep up with the multiple platforms out there? It can be a hassle to keep tens of tabs open as you switch between each media platform, updating and re-updating your materials. Don’t fret, there are a few strategies that you can adopt to take control of the different social media platforms to expand your reach and engage with your customer base.

  1. Have an execution strategy. It is tempting to blast out your ads on the most common platforms but before you do that, consider your products and decide on which social channel works best for your company and/r product. There is no point diving into paid ads without knowing which social content works best for your products. Once you’ve built a strong social channel that captures enough visitors, you can start converting them to customers.
  1. Preschedule and post. Use handy management platforms like Hootsuite, Buffer or even TweetDeck to monitor social media channels. These platforms not only allow you to schedule posts ahead of time but they provide you with the option of accessing performance analytics. Set aside time to track your number of followers, number of likes and comments on each post. This way, you can tailor your content to reach more customers.
  1. Each media platform is unique. It is important to remember that each social media platform is its own entity with its set of unique follower demographics. Advertising on Linked-In requires your content to be more in-depth and informative while Instagram Ads have to as visually appealing as possible.
  1. Communication is key. Even if a random stranger retweets or replies to post on your newsfeed, be sure to engage him/her. This stranger could be a potential customer and by not responding in turn, trust is lost. It is never too difficult to take some time to respond to a personalized inquiry because the alternative is that your visitor might eventually lose interest and turn to your competitors to seek the answers they want.

Social media is only getting bigger. It is almost unheard of for businesses big or small to have no active presence on social media platforms. The potential to grow your customer base via these networks is endless, so be sure to employ the right tactics as you take on this task.

Posted by Nooraisha Osman, PR Executive, Corporate Media


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