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Increasing CTR with Dynamic Keyword Insertion

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Increasing  CTR with Dynamic Keyword Insertion

 There are various ways to bring out the best in online ads. Selecting the best tool to effectively boost your ads can help you achieve your desired marketing goals tremendously.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI), a recent offering from Google is the latest companion piece within Google’s Adwords. This advanced feature updates your ad text to include the keywords of a customer’s search terms. For instance, furniture stores with ads reading “Cheap Couches!” can choose to make Couches their keyword. Should a customer type in Leather Couches, your ad will automatically change to read Leather Couches as well. This will obviously redirect a potential customer’s attention to your ads. But the question is – should you keep this feature switched on or off?

Companies with a variety of products stand to benefit tremendously from DKI. When products are greatly varied, a customer’s search terms are bound to be different each time. DKI allows your ad to be as relevant as possible to the customer, and this increases your click-through rate. A recent case study proved that switching off your DKI feature causes your click-through rate to plummet by at least 48%!

Another hidden feature of the DKI is how Google lifts the character limitation for the headlines. This can be especially handy for businesses that have long name-brands. Your ad still has the chance to make its debut even if the customer’s search is not as refined as it should be.

That being said, there are a few things to remember should you decide to use this feature.

Character Limitations:  Google does not always allow character limitations to be exceeded. Going overboard with up to 20 – 30 characters is still acceptable but anything more 40 or 50 is unlikely to be published. So be smart, and don’t assume that the character count you have is endless.

Capitalize Carefully: Pay attention to how you capitalize your wordings. Another amazing feature of DKI is how you’re allowed to customize your capitalization. Leather Couches can be displayed as LEATHER COUCHES or Leather COUCHES or however you fancy it suitable. Capitalize smartly to maximize your click- through rate.

Legitimacy Counts:  DKI in your URL seems to increase legitimacy of your site. While you can use DKI to switch around your headlines and description captions, you are also given the option to change your displayed URL to match a customer’s search queries. We’ve all fallen prey to clicking on websites that matched our search queries word for word.

Preview for Accuracy: Previewing your DKI affects your overall ad is important. The preview tool is available in your Google Adwords, so take a second to see if everything falls in place when you decide to switch things up in your ad copy.

One, Two or More:  Plural and singular forms matter. If you’re advertising for frying pans make sure your keyword is pans and not pan. There’s nothing worse than losing a potential customers to wording errors!

In summary, DKI allows you to maximize your customer base with a few clicks and edits from your computer screen. Don’t be hesitant to give this a try because you’ll never know what works best for you unless you test all your options.



Posted by Nooraisha Osman, PR Executive, Corporate Media


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