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Serving Ads In Apps

Adds in Apps

When we think of the Internet, we no longer think of noisy dial up modems. Today, your smartphone, tablet or WiFi enabled device is the fastest and the easiest way to access the Internet. One of the recent findings is that an average adult spends at least 34 hours per month using the Internet on his mobile smartphone. What is interesting to note is that out of the 34 hours, Apps capture up to 86% of Internet time while the remaining 14% goes to mobile web services.

In less than a decade, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest have become a huge part of our daily lives. What’s more, frequent users of these platforms no longer need to access the web to log on to connect to their favourite social communities. These platforms can be accessed with the touch of a finger, in the form of Apps.

In-app advertising (Application Based Advertising) offers a great way to access and acquire a highly engaged audience wherever they go. Think of how YouTube alone has more than 1 billion unique subscribers each month. The good news – you are not restricted to just advertising on YouTube. You have a myriad of possibilities. The emerging group of consumers grew up in a digitally savvy generation – their consumption habits are bound to have shifted thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and handy data plans.

In-app advertising also puts the message before a self-selecting audience. There is no need to design flashy banners for online webs in a fleeting attempt to capture the attention of users. When you’re advertising in a specific app, your message can be tailored to be more focused and relevant to your target audience. They are more likely to be receptive to your ad messages.

Another plus point of in-app advertising is that you are able to engage users anytime, anywhere. For certain gaming applications, users need not be online for ads to be received.

With that said, here are a few tips of how to App-vertise effectively:

  1. Know and understand the App you are choosing to post your Ad. This can either make or break the success of your ads. It is better to pick the correct App so that it ties in naturally with the content of the App.
  1. Don’t interrupt the users with your ads.  While many may feel the urge to increase the visibility of their brand with ads that constantly pop up each time an application is opened, eventually, this may even put off some users for good!! Picking a good place to situate your ad is crucial. You wouldn’t want to irk the users you’ve been trying hard to target into deleting the App altogether because your ads were obtrusive.
  1. Imagery matters. With the proper employment of font, colour and images, you’ll be able to draw more attention to your ads. The more memorable your ad, the better your chances of persuading your targeted consumers into action.

Anyone with a smartphone is guaranteed to have some type of App in his device. Businesses looking to effectively target their consumers should look into In-app advertising as most users are heavily engaged with apps on their smartphones.

 Posted by Nooraisha Osman, PR Executive, Corporate Media


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