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Mobile Advertising – The Third Screen

Mobile Advertising

Advertising mediums have evolved tremendously, thanks to technology. People are constantly on the go but with their handy gadgets are never left out of the loop.  It’s all about “news on the move.” From cafes to airports, trains and cabs, everyone’s logging on to check out the latest news and trends.  It’s a trend that businesses cannot afford to ignore if they want to grow their brand and customer base.  Many have already made the switch from traditional to digital advertising on social network platforms.  Not surprising though is the big switch to mobile advertising.

Very few of us would be comfortable leaving our phone behind for any length of time, much less go a whole day without it.  Smart phones are useful in many ways, and for most of us, they are an integral part of our lives. Smart phones have changed how we check the weather, keep up with our favourite sport, research information, communicate, consume media, and much more.

There is little doubt that mobile advertising is changing the way brands reach consumers. Companies are eager to take advantage of this powerful channel.  Mobile advertising is a vast field and there are many modes of advertising within this broad spectrum such as text messaging, paid search advertising, mobile display ads, app advertising, and many more.

Yes, the third screen is here to stay and can no longer be viewed merely as an advertising experiment or side project. In fact, mobile ads are poised to become the single most important advertising channel.  And here’s why.

Two-way communication: Since consumers are generally very attached to their smart phones, mobile marketing may be perceived as “friendlier” or more “familiar” to end users. If two-way communication can be established, loyal customers can engage their favourite brands to build strong relationships with them.

Cost-effective Mobile advertising is a cost-effective means of marketing a company’s product or service.  It is less expensive than all the other traditional means of promoting a brand such as print ads, and is proving to be a more effective medium for increasing sales.

Gets everyone talking: Smart phone users always keep their devices within their hands’ reach, and keep checking it regularly. A mobile ad creates excitement among the customers and also encourages them to talk about and share product information within their circle of contacts. It encourages free publicity, and can actually increase product sale.

Customer loyalty: When customers opt to receive an ad, that information can be used for customer retention and loyalty marketing. This ensures that the customers stick to a particular brand and gain through specific discounts and deals.

Anytime, anywhere: As mobile devices always accompany customers everywhere, they can receive the information anytime, anywhere. Also, it remains stored within the mobile phone for future reference.

Target advertising:  Because of the personal, targeted nature and increasing functionality of mobile devices (for example mobile payments), ads can be targeted based on who the consumers are, where they are and what they want. Technology now exists to allow users to control exactly what information they give away, and the type of advertising they are happy to receive directly from their phones. This allows mobile advertising to deliver information relevant to an individual, adapting its message to the time, weather and location to have the best impact.

Just a few of the benefits of using mobile advertising but take note, this is a market that is set to continue to grow as an increasing number of advertisers realize its potential.

Posted by Aishah Nur, PR Executive, Corporate Media


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