Facebook: Staying on Top of the Game


Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has taken the world by storm with its unique and trending features. This social media platform is a preferred choice for both personal and professional reasons.  Facebook made an impressive revenue jump, from $2.9 billion in the last quarter ending December 31st, up from $1.9 billion the previous year, with a whopping 1.23 billion active users.

Despite its popularity among the masses, Facebook faces constant challenges in the social media space.  Not content with sitting on its laurels, the engineers have come up with some brilliant ideas to help businesses gain more recognition.

Facebook recently introduced Graph Search.  This is the updated version of the general “search” button. This improved and advanced avenue helps individuals to sort through personal data in an easier manner.

Introducing Graph Search for your Business

  1. Unlike the basic search button, Graph Search takes precise queries and generates actual answers. Finding specific characteristics of people has never been easier.
  2. Local businesses can easily be located with Graph Search and for those running Facebook business pages, it helps them to better understand and engage with their customers.
  3. This application helps businesses determine what kind of content they want to relay to customers as well as potential clients.

Maximising Your Business Opportunities

Facebook is still one of the best-known social networking sites and highly utilised for businesses around the world. It is important to go beneath the surface of Facebook applications to maximise its use.

  1. Observe your customers. Finding out your customer’s likes and dislikes are crucial so you can know them better. With Graph Search, this is now possible instead of the previous search function, which can yield results that are irrelevant.
  2. Find out what is unique. Every customer has his own unique trait. This can be something they like or a particular place they like to go to. Graph Search can enhance your search experience for specific qualities that you are looking for, thus making it simpler to tailor your product or services. Establishing good client relationships are essential for marketing the right products to the right customer base.
  3. Target your e-mail contacts through Facebook Ads. Placing a Facebook advertisement is simple. However, most companies do not see beyond Facebook when it comes to advertisements. Targeting your personal e-mail contacts through Facebook advertisements is an excellent way to expand your business. By customising target audiences through Facebook’s Power Editor Tool and 3rd Party platforms like Wishpond’s Facebook Ad Manager Tool, you will be able to expand your business outreach. Everyone loves a time-saver right!
  4. Show your originality. Competition among companies is extremely common on Facebook. There are many ways that you, as a business, can stand out. Many businesses may find it a hassle to come up with different contests on Facebook for their customers. However, inventing creative and engaging contests can set you apart from the rest. Engaging your target audience by posting interesting and unique questions and content, gives them the opportunity to speak up and share their opinion.
  5. Use paying advertisements. More than half of Facebook’s revenue comes from its paid advertising options.  Paid advertisements can generate buzz and attract more likes, and this helps to not only facilitate engagement but also build greater awareness for your business.
  6. Make use of the rating button. Recently, Facebook has added a rating button for business pages. Testimonials and good feedback about your company can come in the form of ratings. The higher the ratings, the more attractive your business. By engaging your clients, they can provide ratings based on their experience with your business.

Facebook has dominated the social networking scene for ten years and constantly comes up with innovative ways to stay on top. The latest development called Paper supports the main page where all your news feeds turn up and gives you an enhanced experience when browsing. Now currently only available on iPhone, it is set to be released on a global scale soon in other phone types. Whether it is for business or personal use, Facebook remains a force to be reckoned with!

Posted by: Gwendolyn O’Hara, CorpMedia


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