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2014: Are Blogs Still Relevant?

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The Internet has come a long way.  From the quiet dotcom days in the late 90’s, it has evolved into the most relevant platform for business marketing and social interaction.  One thing, though has remained static – Blogs.

Blogging is one of the most influential tools used in the Internet. Originally, blogging was used to speak one’s mind and share ideas.  But today, the Internet is witnessing a dramatic change on how blogging is being used.  More and more businesses are using blogs to ultimately increase income and generate business growth.

With Facebook, Instagram, and other micro blogging services such as Twitter, one however, may be tricked into thinking that blogs are no longer necessary and will fade into oblivion. Nothing could be more wrong. Blogging is the staple of any website. In today’s context, it is virtually the hub of information that continues to move and progress. It has become a company staple – it is essentially a form of customer service.

In most cases, the points that are being made are quite valid, especially in relation to the use of social media channels to engage in an ongoing conversation with people who matter to you.  However, to say blogs are dead or will fade away is incredibly short-sighted.

Here’s why we believe blogging will continue to be relevant and play a central role in online marketing activity.

1. SEOs love blogs

Search engines exist because individuals, businesses and media outlets publish content. This is then searched for the people due to our insatiable appetite for information. Search engines like Google helps us find this content more easily and sells ads on the back of our searching.  So it’s no surprise that Google rewards people for regularly publishing content by making their websites more visible.

2. No limits to publishing

While it makes sense from an SEO perspective to publish blog posts on your owned website, they can also have a great impact on ‘traditional’ social media channels. The reason for this is that sometimes people want a more in-depth content experience.  High profile individuals can use this tactic to generate some terrific engagement.

3. Static websites don’t drive traffic

Websites without blogs also suffer from not giving people enough reason to come back and visit regularly. Blogs are a powerful way to encourage repeat visits which can help people (and prospects) develop a stronger connection with the people behind your business. Blog posts may also bring visitors to your site that may not have discovered you otherwise. The first step in securing new customers is first making them aware of your existence.

4. The blogging mentality works

Ask any successful blogger about the content they create and they’ll tell you that they understand what content people crave the most within their niche. This ability comes from listening to feedback and sifting through analytics to understand what works and what doesn’t. The ‘blogger mentality’ can then be applied in other areas including video or image-based content.  In fact, not having the ‘blogger mentality’ within your organization (or housed within the agencies you work with), can lead to the creation of content that may not perform well across the social web.

5. Win-win collaboration

One of the best ways to develop relationships within your niche market group is to invite relevant people to guest post on your blog.  This presents your blog community with access to different points of view and potentially a new audience who follow the activity of the guest blogger. It also may provide you with a chance to post on that person’s or organization’s blog which can drive traffic back to you.

6. Increase influence within your niche

Original content, especially in the form of blog posts, can provide individuals and businesses with the chance to drive new conversations as opposed to just participating in existing ones. When you can develop content that drives new conversations this can help position you as an authority, which increases trust and consideration.

Are you convinced yet?

Blogging has been proven to be a successful marketing tool for businesses. It is quite amazing to see that some people would ignore what has worked for so long and instead run off to the latest social media fads. A combination of social media and blogging is the best option for any type of business.

Posted by Irene Gomez, CIO, Corporate Media


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  1. It’s genuinely very complex in this active life to listen news on Television,
    so I only use internet for that purpose, and take the newest information.

    17 September 2014 at 2:02 am

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