Communication is the Pulse of Life!

Finding that sweet spot!

We have spoken about the basics of blogging before – the fundamentals of running a blog to woo and retain your audience via means of establishing presence, breeding familiarity and using various media. This week, we think of ways to create original content to help your blog stand out in an increasingly overwhelming virtual environment!

Creating original content starts off with having a good foundation to build upon and coming up with a topic worthy enough to build an entry. This – could easily be the hardest obstacle to overcome but once you have a topic, half the battle is won! Hurrah! But as life would have it, when it comes to writing on a public platform, two things can happen – you are either inundated with ideas which could end up destabilizing your writing zen or you’re completely devoid of a juicy topic to entice your audience. So let’s work on landing the perfect topic for now.

Set out to discover new land

In one of our earlier entries on Inspiration, ideas can strike at any given moment without warning. Reading widely is one way that would help. Reading not only expands your general knowledge, it also increases the chances of stumbling on an interesting topic that may just be worth exploring.

On top of that, it allows you to get an idea of the direction you want to take to towards writing your very own blog entry. Reading different blogs would also expose you to different writing styles and formats. From there, you will be able to develop your own style that is relevant and most suited for your own blog.

Dwell on your Past

Reading the past entries on your blog helps to determine what to write because it helps to filter out topics that have already been written or covered before.

The review can also help to gauge topics that are more popular with your audience from those that did not sit well with them. From there, you can go either way – for instance, you can choose to explore a topic that was not popular before and turn it into more refreshing piece that is likely to get the vote.   Or you can abandon the topic entirely and venture in a different direction.

Aperture Adjustment

Delving into the archives of your blog also helps in other aspects. Depending on whether you previously wrote more detailed or general entries, go in the opposite direction! If you find past entries tend to be more specific in nature, try tackling the same topic on a broader scale – for instance, if you find titles like “How to write a press release” and “How to write a resume” to be a regular occurrence, you could explore an entry that is more general in nature such as one entitled “How to Write Better”.

Cultivate your Story


From one topic, you can now branch out and develop sub-topics. This way, with a little bit more research and development, you can stretch out your initial content over a few entries. That saves you the trouble of having to brainstorm and start grasping for ideas from scratch.

It is however important to remember not to dwell on one topic for too long, in case you bore your public! Balance, as always, is key so try not to overstay your welcome. Keep any “series” you might want to have relevant and in check, and make sure to include variety to break the monotony while still tying everything together.

With these pointers in mind, to curate and conceptualize content for your blog should be that much easier given that the initial hurdle of finding a topic has been passed!

By Yasmin Md Basir, PR Associate @ Corporate Media Services


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