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Effective Ideation For Big Ideas!

A good number of us meet people who can come up with great ideas at the snap of their fingers. As we wrack our brains for that winning idea, that one person would have already delivered several on a plate. How often have we asked ourselves “why didn’t I think of that?” Sometimes this can become a barrier to creative thinking. We either tend to think we aren’t good enough or excuse ourselves from thinking further.

Effective ideation enhances the quality of your solution, making it crucial for your business. So what is Ideation? Ideation is simply, idea generation. Generating unique and outstanding ideas depends on an individual’s ability to think creatively. But hey, lets admit it, not all of us are creatively inclined. So how do we sharpen our skills? A sure-fire way to develop ideation is to make it a daily habit. There are a number of techniques out there, and brainstorming is just one of them! Here’re some tips you can use to keep that light bulb glowing and your ideas flowing.

Don’t dump the bad

Ideas can be good or bad. Instead of pondering over whether it’ll be successful or not, write them down. Eliminate self-doubt. A lot of ideas may not seem workable at first, but some might turn into brilliant concepts. So remind yourself never to evaluate an idea while generating it. You can always look back on your notes and pick out the best ones later. Make it a habit to pen down every idea that pops up in your head.

Note everything!

You must be thinking, “Ah! tell me something new”. The point is, many of us tend to neglect the importance of carrying a notepad. An idea can occur anywhere – while you’re having lunch with a colleague or on your drive back home or even at a party. Carry a notepad or better still, note it on your phone, it’ll help to store and preserve your ideas.

More is More

Great ideas don’t come easy. You’ll have to generate as many as you can, in order to pick the best from the lot. Often times we forget to pay attention to the thinking process that led to that big idea. It may even take 500 different ideas to come up with the best five. By generating more ideas, you broaden your choices.

You can’t be the only one

No matter how hard you try to make your idea unique and different from others, chances are, it has been done by someone before. Don’t let this stop you from developing your idea. Instead, try to make it better. Can you update it with current information? Can you think deeper about the idea? Assess the flaws, tweak them, and you may just get to the point of creative brilliance!

Set the timer

Good ideas come when you least expect them to, and by this I mean, at the last minute. Remember to set a deadline.

Live life king size

Ideas will never come to us if we sit in the same place waiting for something to happen. Join an extra-curricular activity, go for a run or take up a sport. Do you know that sometimes we get ideas when we don’t think about them? Note down your thoughts should something interesting cross your mind.

With all the talk about ideation techniques, it is important to first identify the problem you need to find a solution to. When you’ve defined your problem clearly, you can apply these techniques and reach your desired solution. Be sure to set aside some time to make ideation a part of your daily routine and you’ll pave the way to a mind that stays inspired and full of ideas.

By Shankari Anjana Ram, PR Associate @ Corporate Media Services



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