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The Everyman’s Guide to the Galaxy (of Marketing!)

It’s easy to get stumped with the range of available marketing  channels that keeps growing all the time, and it’s even easier to lose   focus in your marketing and branding strategies. Messages that are inconsistent over the platforms, failure to tailor content that’s customised to a specific target audience – these are all pitfalls to creating an effective marketing plan.

Businesses have to recognise the importance of linking their marketing approach across the web, social media and other channels to create a more streamlined and relevant brand presence.

 Trending Now

Like most businesses, you will probably have your 2012 marketing plan already in place. But have you built your plan around the latest market trends?  Is it relevant, timely and responsive?

While it’s important to stay focused, it’s equally as important to be prepared for the opportunities and challenges that come from emerging marketing trends.

Smartphone Invasion:  A third of Smartphone owners have used their device to purchase products online and this number is on the rise. Smartphone applications are being used for an array of purposes, including job hunting – with many applying for jobs through their Iphones or Androids. The companies that direct their marketing approach towards mobile platforms are the ones that will benefit from a potential customer-base that browses and shops on the move. This demands targeted, mobile-ready content and a willingness to adapt to internal marketing processes. With 54% of Singaporean consumers now in possession of a Smartphone, mobile marketing is a trend that businesses can take advantage of.

Riding the Popularity Wave: A good marketing plan takes into account the rise and fall in popularity of media channels, especially social media. Although social media connects across countries and reaches a global audience, the popularity and concentration of users differ from country to country.

At the height of the Myspace fame, it was the almost like the Facebook of that era. Everyone had an account; or rather, every other American had an account – but companies with a large Asian target audience would’ve seen very little results if Myspace had been used as a social media marketing tool.

The latest and greatest social network that has been rapidly rising in popularity over the last six months is Pinterest. Set to take the social media landscape by storm, this network allows users to share photos and interact with others on virtual “pinboards”, ideal for sharing images of food, places, clothes, design and anything else with visual appeal.

The modern marketer has to be a trend-sensitive visionary who’s able to formulate a plan that’s anticipatory, adaptable and tailored to the needs of his specific target audience.

The Wow Factor – Keeping it Fresh

Marketing doesn’t mean blasting followers with products, products, and more products! Sometimes good marketing involves putting your consumers before your product or service.

Even established giants like Google employ tactics to continually delight and surprise users even when there is no real need to.  Google singlehandedly monopolises the search engine market, with competitors trailing far, far behind.  Getting more attention over the last several years is its feature, Google Doodles. Solely for the purpose of entertaining, Doodles are the decorative changes that are made to the Google logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous artists and scientists

Last week, to mark the 132nd birth anniversary of Gideon Sundback (April 24), the man who invented the zip, Google posted an interactive doodle on the home page that featured a giant zipper running down the centre of its global search engine’s home page. If you dragged your mouse down to unzip the zipper, it split the screen, including the search textbox to reveal the relevant results for the name Gideon Sundback. Only a quarter of the way into the year and already the zipper Google Doodle has been dubbed as possibly the best doodle of 2012! The zipper Google Doodle, also known as a “Google Easter Egg” had the online sphere buzzing, translating into more than one page of news on Google search results.

Different and innovative tactics showcase the personality and creativity of the organisation. While we understand that not all marketing budgets can afford a team of whizz Google designers, adding an unorthodox twist to a marketing campaign (steering clear from aggressively pushing products) can also generate the desired publicity.

By Nellia HoPR Associate @ Corporate Media Services 


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