2012 – A New Year of Resolutions or Dissolutions?

2012 – A New Year of Resolutions or Dissolutions?

There is something energizing about opening a brand new calendar, and opening our minds with the knowledge that we can start anew.

The New Year always gets everyone thinking about what they want to do, and how they’re going to do things differently.  It’s a time when most people start off with a list – to lose weight, quit smoking, make more money, be kinder. The reality is, how many can really keep up the resolve and see it through?

Resolutions tend to remind ourselves of what’s important and can give us a fresh start to shedding our poor habits.  Perhaps, we should take a step back and evaluate a few ways that we can become better for ourselves, our colleagues, our friends and, more importantly, our clients.

Here’re a couple of reminders to help you stay the course:

1. Get Organized

When I get back to my desk after the holidays – besides having to remember to change the year to 2012 on my cheque book, I need to think about the mess – on my table, my inbox and that pesky “KIV” folder (i.e. the “I’ll get to this later” documents).  Sound familiar?  For 2012, start the year right.  Get organized – get rid of the clutter.  Clear your inbox, review and file away the paperwork (don’t be afraid to bin any you don’t need).  Plan your calendar wisely, and make the extra effort to see this through the year.   It may be one small step, but keep in mind that practice makes perfect and you’ll thank me later!

2.  Your BFF – The Media

We pitch to the media on an almost daily basis for our clients, but do you really know whom you’re talking to at the end of the line?  Do they like hearing from you – do they appreciate hearing from you, are you a reliable source for them?  Building relationships with editors and journalists is an invaluable public relations tool.  Instead of pushing your stories, make it a point to get to know them.   Go beyond that email or phone call.  Follow them on the social media trail, share your thoughts and provide relevant pitches to any given topic of relevance.  Be a reliable source, someone they can count on, and above all, be responsible – keep to deadlines – very important to the media!

3.  Online or Offline

We are all immersed in emails, facebook chatter, twitter verse, blogs – we talk through words to a sometimes invisible crowd – are they really there, are they listening?  When it comes to communication, nothing beats the power of face-to-face interaction.  As engaged as we are in social media, we should think about engaging in real life.  Make an effort – invite your FB friends to a networking event that may interest them.   If nothing else, you’ll make some new friends. And who knows, you may get some interesting referrals down the line.

4.  University of life

How lucky are we, that as PR professionals, we get to learn new things every day – about our clients, their industries, their products, happenings in the news, etc. We live and thrive by staying relevant to our clients and the media, but we should make it a point to try and learn something new every day. Between our meetings, events, and busy schedules, we sometimes forget to appreciate the new things we learn. Don’t just file them away – absorb, make a mental note, or jot them down.  Not only will you benefit from learning, you’ll also get to share the knowledge you’ve built with potential clients – after all – “Knowledge is Power.”

Finally, let me say this. For 2012, we should strive to deliver more results and more of our best work to clients.  Rather than make unachievable resolutions, remind yourself to plan and make progress, one step at a time towards your goals.

We hope 2012 brings you and yours good health, love, success and peace.


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