Gratitude and the Gift of Giving

Your clients are the foundation of your business. Without them your business would not exist.

Your client base can be the biggest advocate for your company.  Showing your appreciation for their business will not only help to develop goodwill, it will also bring potential referrals for new business.

Customer appreciation is a tool that every business has at its disposal, yet very few choose to utilize it to its full potential. When it comes to investment, there is none better than putting time and money into sincerely appreciating one’s customers.

When you express gratitude to your clients and potential clients, you are giving to them and taking care of yourself at the same time. This act of giving will lead you towards a more successful business. Gratitude is vital to a thriving business. It creates a feeling of satisfaction and happiness that results in doors opening for your business.

Clients want an enjoyable and productive working relationship. If they know that you appreciate them and their business, it creates a positive working relationship.

Growing your business is tied to your ability to create powerful, strong relationships. Even big companies work on relationship building with everyone who does business with them. While they may not find time to deal with every client on a personal level, they will still find other ways to communicate that gratitude through the act of giving.  Just today, we received a Christmas log cake from the people we work with at the Holiday Inn.  They came around in a van, dressed in t-shirts and jeans to convey a personal thank you. The log cake was a delicious bonus!

Giving doesn’t just apply to huge corporations.  Small companies can benefit too from showing appreciation.  With small companies, you can get even more personal with your clients and customers. This is an important aspect of your business and should not be overlooked. Just a simple card to show your appreciation, written with a heart-felt message will go a long way in building relationships with your clients.  It may be a small touch but it’s still a great way to show a client or customer that they are appreciated.

Clients and customers who feel appreciated are likely to come back. Loyal clients are great clients – your simple gesture can turn them into your number one fan club.  Even if they’re unable to return for repeat business, if they feel appreciated, they are likely to recommend your business and share the kind of good relationship they have with you.

Positive action begets positive attention!

Say Thank You. It’s that simple!  When people do things for you or that you appreciate, say thank you.  Say it often, be specific and relate it to what it is that you’re being thankful for.

Drop a short email. If you can’t tell someone in person, sending a quick note of thanks via email is just as powerful. I always save messages and notes I receive from friends or clients and re-read them when I can.  I guarantee it’ll put a smile on your face – knowing that you are being appreciated.

Share a gift. The festive season is upon us and soon there will be an exchange of business gifts. You may a receive gift basket (like the log cake I received today), wine or invitations to business parties – to thank you for your business. These are meant to be gifts of gratitude. Return the sentiment.

The most wonderful part of giving the gift of gratitude is that when we give with the right spirit and genuinely from the heart, we get as much or more in return for giving the thanks as the receiver.  So be the example you wish to show the world. Do so by being, doing and giving authentically at all times.

So from all of us here at CorpMedia, we’d like to say Thank You to all our clients!  We appreciate your business and we thank you for your support. Here’s wishing you and yours a brand New Year of happiness, good health and continued success!

See you in 2012!

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