Communication is the Pulse of Life!

Content is King!

As marketers move more and more away from traditional marketing practices, companies are turning to content creation as a tactic to draw more leads and customers.

Content marketing is very important in today’s world, especially for small businesses. Those who embrace the changing world of marketing are the ones that go on to succeed. Your e-newsletters, social media campaigns, SEO and Public Relations activities are all based on creating and publishing high-quality original content. Having high-quality content associated with your name builds a professional reputation.

The idea is that you create quality content for a targeted audience. The content should educate, entertain, inform, amuse, or encourage interaction (where the social media side comes in). Basically you create content people are actually interested in. And in turn, they’re more likely to share that content, link to it, refer more traffic your way, become a customer, become a regular visitor or reader, become an active member of your network or community, or form some other intended relationship with you or your business.

Repeated and regular exposure builds a relevant relationship that provides multiple opportunities for conversion, rather than a “one-time” sales approach.  However, in this tricky environment we live and work in, it takes more than “content is king” to work. You need to focus your attention on some key elements to make content marketing work for you, and we’re happy to share these with you.

1.     Media pitching to journalists

Include content in personalized pitches to journalists. Here you get to showcase thought leadership and experience in a particular field or subject.  This approach works well especially when pitching to trade publications. With a small editorial team, editors often appreciate prepared content — such as articles or case studies.  The best way to go about this it to request editorial calendars and pitch your content accordingly, so that it aligns with that of the target publication.  Most print publications also carry their stories online – so your story is likely to reach multiple audiences at the same time.

2.     Creating compelling content

Compelling content can generate inbound traffic to your website. When creating compelling content for your site, think about creating content that holds up well over time, rather than news that tend to go out of date quickly.  You can also rework content to suit the appropriate publishing medium to get more mileage. For example, content used in blogs can be reworked for facebook or RSS feeds.

3.     Bear SEO in mind

If you want to rank high search engines, create content with SEO in mind. Study keywords that are most often used to find your site. Try a few different keyword suggestion tools to verify what keyword phrases people really look for, and use those words in your content.

4.   Get on the speaking platform

Identify speaking platforms and offer to share your expertise.  When building your speaking strategy and submitting applications, use content to showcase your credibility and value. Most speaking applications require a speaker bio and details about your expertise on the proposed topic. Beef your submission up with links to helpful, informative content you’ve written on the topic you want to present.

5.   Stick out and get noticed

There are periods when every organization goes through a lull or quiet period.  Use the opportunity to grab media attention with some newsworthy content. For e.g. you may want to comment on a hot topic through a popular community blog – don’t be afraid to share your opinion. You can also use the time to conduct an online survey to seek views for a revolutionary product from focus groups.   In the process, you will get not only get noticed but also stay relevant, and this will drive traffic to your company website.

A final point to remember – when it comes to content marketing, use informative or entertaining content.  This will not only help attract and retain customers, it will position your business as a trusted resource in your marketplace.


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