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Uncork the Champagne – Grand Prix Season is here!

Do celebrities have their work cut out to stay in the spotlight?

September is Grand Prix Season in Singapore. It’s that time of year for glamorous parties, show-stopping concerts, luxe fashion shows, endless flow of champagne and caviar – all thrown in with celebrities and public relations in mind.

Singapore Grand Prix 2010

As celebrities flock to the circuit to catch their favourite drivers and attend exclusive sponsored events, they also hope to mix and mingle to soak in some publicity for themselves.  Whether they’re here to promote their art or serve as brand ambassadors, do celebrities have their work cut out?

With all of these celebrities running around the city, it is easy to share pictures and stories in the media.  This is nothing new, the media is quick to point, shoot and spread the news by going viral almost instantaneously – so much so that it may become old news the next day.

While many artists, designers and musicians may question as to whether or not they can afford to retain a Public Relations agency, the real question is: can they afford NOT to?

If you’re wondering why certain celebrities always end up in magazines, on the news, and in the tabloids – here’s why. Their popularity is largely due to the help of Public Relations experts working behind the scenes.  Public Relations is a component of communication that strives to promote businesses, organisations, and people. It highlights these entities and promotes them in front of a large audience. Public Relations may very well be the motivating factor behind the success of many celebrities.

A lot of celebrities these days have taken to their own tweets and other social media platforms as a form of publicity to either to confirm or deny stories about them, as a direct response to journalists.

Often times, without the wise counsel of a Public Relations professional, such tactics may backfire – because they are likely to bring the focus back to the original story – and this can break a career!

So why take public relations matters into your own hands? For starters, think ahead – can you rely on your hair stylist, your best friend, or your family to spread the news?

The answer is no – you need to enlist the help of an agency to generate positive awareness for your brand.   One of the most obvious ways you can benefit from the help of a Public Relations agency is because of their relationship with the media. Publicists specialise in media outreach, which results in high profile media placements for you.  They work closely with your manager or management team to build on your brand reputation and ensure that you remain in the spotlight for all the right reasons.

An agency can also help you to manage a crisis. Remember Kim Kardashian’s sex tape?  It would have been near impossible for her to have bounced back and land a successful reality TV series, product endorsements, and numerous magazine covers without the help of her Public Relations agency.  From a nameless stylist, she has gone on to achieve A-list status, and Kim K continues to grow her mega-million dollar empire.  A wise move by Kim to turn to the experts!

Other ways your brand can benefit from a Public Relations agency is through strengthening community relations. Participating in or hosting charity benefits, or becoming a spokesperson to bring awareness to a specific cause is a great way to promote social responsibility and pay it forward – we all have to do our part.

Last but not least, hiring a Public Relations agency can leave you with more time to do what you do best: focus on your craft.


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